These Money Guns Are Party Ready And Will Make It Rain Anytime You Want Them To Rain


These money guns can be a best option for some special event or the New Year’s Eve party, birthday bash, Valentine’s Day get-together, or any other kind of celebration? Your needs may be met with a money pistol. Yes, we’re referring about the small firearms that launch paper bills worth one, two, or ten dollars into the air. Money guns, or money shooters as often called, are a popular prop for various Instagrammable situations and occasions. They were initially designed to make it rain in gentlemen’s clubs. In 2017, Supreme became well known for releasing a red money pistol with its logo and dollar notes with the Supreme label. There have been several supreme money gun appearing in popular culture, including but not limited to music videos, television series, YouTube videos, and even Burger King advertisements.

They’re hilarious and straightforward to use, and you can stuff them with actual cash, counterfeit bills, or any other paper that’s the same size as a $1 bill. Easy as pulling the trigger, they’ll go flying one by one. Make it more memorable by ordering fake dollars with your text printed on them. Etsy is full of shops like BeengBong and iPartyBucks that make custom phony banknotes in the style of U.S. dollars for use in money guns at parties, weddings, and other special occasions. The denomination on the counterfeit notes might even be an age, milestone, or anniversary year. One’s imagination is the only limit. There is a list of some of the best money guns that are now available online to help you kick off the festivities. You’ll be the night’s talk if you bring this to a gathering. You can easily find these money guns on Alibaba.

A Wowok Gold Money Guns Shooter

This golden money machine is sure to be the talk of the party. It can load more than a hundred dollars at once and dispense them quickly—the robust motor guarantees instant and complete release. The magazine of this cannon is simple to load, and the outside may be decorated with removable DIY decals.

U.O. Cash Dispenser

It’s hardly surprising that Urban Outfitters has their money gun since they’re constantly on the cutting edge when selling novelty things. This chrome revolver has the words “make it rain” engraved on the side and comes with its bundle of currency.

LUYE Money Gun

Any event, from a bachelorette bash to a Galentine’s Day bash to a birthday party, will benefit from the inclusion of this pink money shooter. One hundred notes are included, along with the necessary For this motor to function, you’ll need three A.A. batteries.

Money Gun LEOKKARR Cash

This money pistol is see-through, so you can see how much cash is still in the magazine at any time. This Wowok money pistol, like the other one above, comes with do-it-yourself decals that may be applied to the outside. This model is operated by four A.A. batteries and loads from the top.

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