Everything You Should Know About Using Air Fryer Parchment Papers


You are probably wondering whether it is a good idea to use air fryer parchment papers. Some chefs strongly recommend them whereas others advise against them. Yes, you can use them. This is because it is one of the accessories you should get for your air fryer. Also known as an air fryer disposable paper liner, it is relatively safe and used widely in baking. This paper is non-stick and can withstand extreme temperatures. If you are planning to cook greasy and sticky foods, you should consider using this paper. Foods such as chicken wings that get stuck to the air fryer basket will not stick when you use parchment paper.

How to Use Air fryer Parchment Papers

These are the steps you should follow when using air fryer parchment papers:

Check Cooking Temperature

You need to check the maximum cooking temperature before you use your parchment paper. Check whether your parchment paper can sustain your cooking temperature. The average maximum temperature air fryer parchment papers reach is 425 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, you can be safe so that your foods will not ignite.

Select the Right Paper

Ensure you are using the correct air fryer parchment paper. Using the wrong paper can result in accidents. For instance, if you use wax paper, it can burn easily. Only use food-grade parchment papers.

Cut Once

The parchment paper can be used for a range of applications. The way you cut it should suit your application. Since the parchment paper is bigger than the air fryer basket, you need to cut it. Carefully, cut it once. You can measure it several times, but you should cut it only once. This allows adequate airflow. You should avoid bunging up the air fryer as it can cause a fire.

Do Not Use During Pre-heat

Only use the parchment paper after having it weighed down by a piece of food. This is necessary to prevent the paper from flying up.


Your safety when using an air fryer parchment paper is important. Always consult the air fryer user manual and follow the procedure provided by the manufacturer. Remember air fryers are different and the parchment papers you use are different. This means you should be careful at all times. An air fryer has hot heating elements and circulating fans. Avoid unattended cooking at all times as it is one of the major causes of home fires.

Where to Buy Air Fryer Parchment Papers

These papers are readily available in most grocery stores. However, sometimes you might not find them there. For your convenience, you can order them online and save money. You can also purchase pre-measure and cut your parchment papers. The recommended formats are square and circular depending on the design of your air fryer.


It is safe to use air fryer parchment papers. You need to know how to use them correctly to avoid accidents. The right paper should be rated food-grade. Ensure you use the correct paper. You can purchase parchment papers at a local grocery store or online.

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